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Beverly Hills Chihuahua

I know it looks completely ridiculous. I know. And it is. And during the first ten minutes I thought - there is no way I am getting through this movie. My first reason for aversion to the film - all... Continue Reading →


Filthy Gorgeous: The Bob Guccione Story

*warning - explicit content in this post* I watched this movie over two weeks ago (it seems I am becoming lazier and lazier in my blogging ways) - all of the wonderful, smart commentary I was planning on unleashing on... Continue Reading →

Some Like it Hot

I have to admit that I watched this movie about a week ago so this post won't be as fresh as my others. This is also a deviation from my life of random selections as I took this recommendation from... Continue Reading →

Fun Size

As my first movie after watching a Marilyn Monroe classic I know I should be saying - ugh, movies of today just can't compare, what trash, etc. etc. - but I'd rather struggle through another 300 pages of forced migration... Continue Reading →

How to Marry a Millionaire

So I know its the cool thing to hang posters of Audrey Hepburn in your college dorm and get tattoos of Marilyn Monroe quotes on your ribs but that was just never me. I know this is a touchy subject... Continue Reading →

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

After finishing 8 seasons of the comedic masterpiece on Netflix, I'd simply like to dedicate this post to the greatest episode, featuring the greatest song ever written, composed by the greatest character in the world. Ladies and gentleman, I present... Continue Reading →

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