I seriously contemplated not writing a post about this album because it was so horrendous that I really don’t think it deserves attention – be it thoroughly negative or not. However, I get this nagging incomplete feeling when I don’t follow through with a routine – be it a routine that is completely self induced and inconsequential or not. So – I’ll be brief. Do not listen to this album. Aside from the song that drew me to it – Tie Me Down (in retrospect I think it was just singing along with Ray-J’s voice on the chorus that I actually enjoyed) I don’t think there is a single track I would listen to again. Or maybe more accurately, I am so annoyed with the album as a whole I can’t be bothered to listen through even once more to find another redeeming track. My one compliment – I do think the continuity of the album is … for lack of a cooler term … pretty neat. Sound effects, phrasing, beats that form a nice string from start to finish.

The following set of lyrics is the exact point in the album where I gave up all hope in trying to find redeeming qualities and excusing the awful lyrics as comical pre-teen banter. No. When you use the word “fart” in a song I write you off. Period.


Met this girl named lanice a freak but ugly
She stripped for me once and her butt cheeks was musty
Every time it got loud she would sneak a small fart
Chick passed so much gas she could make a car start
Knew this chick named shirley she acted so perky
But little did I know that the chick had herpes
Tried to kiss me in my sleep I got up a screamed
Chick had a cold sour dat looked like john mccain


That is all.

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