photo-5I saw this craft on pinterest as a refrigerator door mail holder. My husband usually brings in the mail and there is no way it is getting past the table next to the front door. But the idea was simple and cute – not to mention I have plenty of cereal boxes as said husband can tear down a monster box of cinnamon toast crunch in less than a week. Started to brainstorm where I could use a paper holder — spotted the pile of torn out magazine pages next to my bed and the recipe waiting station was born. (I usually have a gigantic stack of recipes that I tear out while reading – before I find the time to input them into my spreadsheet they tend to become quite unsightly – also, they typically get soaked with water when my cat decides he needs something to knock over. Now they have a cute little waiting area where they are less likely to be attacked by a meddlesome cat.)

To construct the box, I just cut off the top fold over flaps and cut out a small insert on the front side so the shape resembled a magazine holder. I traced the shape onto a few pieces of scrapbook paper – two different patterns – one for the inside, one for the outside. Covered the whole thing with a matte modge podge, slapped on the paper, went over with a few more modge podge coats, let it dry and done! Pretty simple – plus picking out scrapbook paper is probably close to what heaven is like .. I’d imagine.


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