Rating: 2/5

Favorite Tracks: Ships in the Night, Learning to Love Again, Young Dumb and in Love

I really, really love Ships in the Night so I decided to give the whole album a go … here’s how it went:

I’d heard “Hey Mama” on the radio and knew that it got on my nerves but I gave it a second and third chance. No change – the chorus is still obnoxious to me.

“Ships in the night” – love the beat in the background and the 90s mellow sounding verses.

“Count on Me” – enjoyed some of the chorus and beat but was mostly annoyed by the kids in the background-i get the clever lyrics

“Sooner or Later” – missing authentic feeling

“Chasing the Light” – tried to have the same magic as ships in the night but fell flat, phrasing was off, falsetto at the end dragged on and on

“Learning to Love Again” – finally, i felt something!

“Down” – feeling of the lyrics does not match the feeling of the music for me, predicatable story line

“She Got the Honey” – even the title makes me cringe, “back to the beginning” just stop

“Young Dumb and in Love” – so annoyed at this point that this is music to my ears, like the music

“Rochester” – love when an album ends with a heartfelt ballad. but after listening to the whole album i am so annoyed with hearing his voice that … i just cant ..

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