I have to admit that I watched this movie about a week ago so this post won’t be as fresh as my others. This is also a deviation from my life of random selections as I took this recommendation from a friend on facebook due to my new found appreciation of Marilyn Monroe. So before I talk about my feelings toward the film, let’s discuss what this movie really reminds me of — that classic line in Clueless – the night that Cher tries to seduce her gay best friend — “Christian had a thing for Tony Curtis so he brought over ‘Some Like it Hot’ and ‘Sporadicus.'”. Anyone else far too young to appreciate most of the jokes in Clueless the first hundred times you watched it? No? Just me?

On to Some Like it Hot … although I could continue talking about Clueless for days. Time to get real here. Until Marilyn popped up on screen I was really nervous I wasn’t going to be able to get through it. For whatever reason, probably a somewhat child-like need for intense visual stimulation, black and white films usually lose me – I find my mind wandering, can’t focus, I get up and start folding laundry … But once I heard her voice I ran back in the room. I watched the movie through ’til the end, still wasn’t extremely focused but found it rather amusing and cute. Then I thought to myself … why didn’t I enjoy this more? Am I missing something? So … I decided to re-watch. My first decision was to skip through the first bits that bored me so at the beginning (obviously necessary to watch them once through to understand the plot line but didn’t see the need to go through it a second time.” Next decision was to switch from the tiny tv on top of my bedroom dresser to my laptop – right in front of my face – laying in bed. This was the ticket!! I could see Marilyn’s beautiful face up close and I had no choice but to pay attention. Caught a lot of jokes I missed the first time, really saw how pretty Tony Curtis was, and appreciated the physical comedy. I didn’t love it as much as I liked “How to Marry a Millionaire” – Marilyn’s clueless character – which I found so funny in Millionaire, now sort of irked me, that is until they were on the boat … “–what a beautiful fish. –I caught him off Cape Hatteras. –what is it? –It’s a member of the Herring family. –A herring? Isn’t it amazing how they get those big fish into those little glass jars? –They shrink when they’re marinated.” My annoyance just sort of floated away and I laughed out loud for a while.

As with Millionaire, I’d like to do a small tribute to some costume choices I am quite envious of (sorry, it’s not going to be the tit-revealing dresses of the performance scene – what the hell were those?? came out of nowhere!) —


Also would like to note that my favorite line of the movie came towards the end when Marilyn was performing her final song, Through with Love, and Joe/Josephine lifted her chin “None of that, Sugar. No guy is worth it.” Really touched me for some reason.

In conclusion, I’d like to shout out the fact that this movie has something in common, perhaps the best thing in common, with one of my favorite classics – Home Alone. What, you may ask, do these movies have in common? ISN’T IT OBVIOUS? – they both reference the best city in American … SHEBOYGAN. The end.

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