I haven’t posted in a few – recovering from disgusting illness. The only thing I hate more than the feeling of being sick is how other people react when you are sick. I don’t mean my darling husband who ran out to get me ice cream in the middle of the night or my laddy lad friends who send hysterical texts to cheer me up. (To clarify: I include this just incase one of these parties reads this. I am NOT trying to be one of those horrid facebook post-ers  – “he took out the trash and did the dishes and hand prepared me a five course meal with candles and snowflakes.”) Anyway, I’m talking about the following type of situation: there is nothing worse than sitting somewhere, feeling like complete shit, and having someone come up and ask you how you’re doing. When you answer, oh I’m not feeling that great — suddenly said person, who was just so concerned about your well being, takes five steps back and says “I better stand back here then!” I know someone like this works at your office, no matter who you are. I just know it.

Back to my original point, while I’m working on some other posts, wanted to give a small tribute to some great early 2000s jams that came on my pandora this week. In fact, this first song, I didn’t even remember it when I saw the title pop up. But once that chorus came on, ohhhh its all coming back to me now… I see you Nas.

Next, if you’d like to hear my rapping skills at their finest. Just turn on the Nelly and let me flow.

And to wrap up the best songs I heard this week … try not to break out the shoulder isolations when this comes on. Just try. (Hint: its impossible.)

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