So I know its the cool thing to hang posters of Audrey Hepburn in your college dorm and get tattoos of Marilyn Monroe quotes on your ribs but that was just never me. I know this is a touchy subject – I can already feel the onslaught of knowing head shakes and eyes rolling, like when I honestly blurt out that I’m just not crazy about The Beatles. But look, its not because I thought the fascination wasn’t rightfully deserved, ok?  Its just one of those things I never gave a chance because most of the girls I see with the posters and the tattoos come off as completely affected, forced, disingenuous, contrived … you know, all those things a real bitch like me is trying to avoid (insert appropriate side smile emoji to show that I am aware I sound like an ass.)

Now that I’ve spewed all that shit, on to the real point. I really have only seen a handful of movies made, I’d say, before 1970, and at that, most of those are probably animated disney films. Which is why I do this whole random bit in the first place – forces me to experience things I would otherwise never give a chance.

Really, really, really enjoyed this movie. It wasn’t until the last minute that I actually laughed out loud (which I did with a loud cackle) but I had a pleasant, amused smiled throughout, jumped, leaped, and bounded onto the Marilyn Monroe train (could not stop staring, just in complete awe of pure beauty), and finally, decided I would like to own every article of clothing worn in the movie. So, I’ll end with a tribute to my new sources of visual inspiration (if you can’t tell the glasses are my favorite part) —

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