As my first movie after watching a Marilyn Monroe classic I know I should be saying – ugh, movies of today just can’t compare, what trash, etc. etc. – but I’d rather struggle through another 300 pages of forced migration in the USSR stats than allow myself to sound like that. So, moving on, this movie was pretty cute, surprisingly cool cast, and had a decent amount of laughs. I’m not a huge Victoria Justice fan (I think for the simple, completely ridiculous reason that her voice bothers me – just has this weird, clunky-sounding tone) and the “best friend seeking to bring up their popularity points” type character really drove me nuts (think Tamara on Awkward  but without the endearing factor.) However, Chelsea Handler, Ana Gasteyer, and the number one break out star of my past year — the kid from Bad Grandpa, brought some great moments to life here. I’m talking Handler in a Britney Baby One More Time outfit, Gasteyer and her partner embroidering a giant Obama tapestry in their living room on a massive loom – really quality stuff, people. (I’m being 100% serious, it was funny.) It seems like one of those movies that will one day start coming on cable every single weekend, and although I only found it “pretty funny,” I’ll end up getting sucked in to each and every damned FX appearance it makes.

To my show stealers:


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