Rating: 5/5 Stars


When I started this book I kept thinking – I am definitely 15 years too old for this book. And honestly, yes, it is perfect for young teens. But after a few chapters I noticed I was quite rapidly flipping the pages. And by the end of the book I took a good look at myself and noticed … I was on my bed at 2 am with a book light inside of a blanket tent, feverishly hovering over my copy like some sort of crackhead. Completely addicting.That night I actually dreamt I was in the book – of course I was burning in a circle of flames but .. hey, I was there all the same.

Similar to Twilight in that its not a literary Dickensian masterpiece but the story sucks you in, the characters are easy to get attached to, you can pick a Team Drake or Team Nicholas, the plot is clever yet predictable yet not too predictable, the main female character is awkward and needs protecting yet wickedly strong in her own right so you can connect with her and not feel too too bad about it, I could go on and on, really. Very, very, very similar actually. I would say its a little “younger” than Twilight, again, probably most appropriate for the 12-14 age range – you could tell the author tried to make it sort of cool/modern/all inclusive for “today’s” pre-teen.

On the negative nancy side, I did notice one or two continuity issues and thought some of the “magic” was just too convenient … i.e. your magic world is based in the sixteenth century and you use cauldrons and pen and scroll over texting but … you have a magic digital image capture device to print pictures from? Come on. I mean its magic so anything goes I suppose but … come on.

With that being said,  If you’re a fiend for a quick read about intense, romantic, fantastical and fanatical young love  – add it to your queue, enjoy reading, spend a solid week dreaming about flying around the world with Nicholas, full on Aladdin style, and then spend the week after that lamenting about how you’re a dried up old hag and will never have a soul crushing teenage love affair again. I’m not saying this is happening to me as we speak but … yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying.


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