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The Most Beautiful Rot – Ocean Capewell

Rating: 5/5 Stars Review: So, there are a number of reasons why I enjoy reading. Or, perhaps more accurately, why I enjoy reading so much that I feel like I must read every single one of the books that exist on... Continue Reading →

The Hobbit – J. R. R. Tolkien

Rating: 5/5 Stars Review: I'm going to admit something here. It's really easy for me to write reviews for the obscure books I read thanks to random book generation. I can write whatever I want when I am fairly certain... Continue Reading →

War and Peace – Leo Tolstoy

Rating: 4/5 Stars Review: While reading this novel for the better part of a year, I've encountered a lot of the same questions. Some that come to mind: Q: Why? A: I've started taking suggestions in addition to my lineup... Continue Reading →

Beverly Hills Chihuahua

I know it looks completely ridiculous. I know. And it is. And during the first ten minutes I thought - there is no way I am getting through this movie. My first reason for aversion to the film - all... Continue Reading →

Skinny Jeanz and a Mic – New Boyz (Full Album)

I seriously contemplated not writing a post about this album because it was so horrendous that I really don't think it deserves attention - be it thoroughly negative or not. However, I get this nagging incomplete feeling when I don't... Continue Reading →

Cereal Box Recipe Holder

I saw this craft on pinterest as a refrigerator door mail holder. My husband usually brings in the mail and there is no way it is getting past the table next to the front door. But the idea was simple... Continue Reading →

Chocolate Covered Marble Cake

The icing on this cake is freaking amazing (and simple). I doubled the icing recipe and I'm glad I did ... I ended up eating half of it while it was on the stove with a monstrous wooden spoon -... Continue Reading →

Southwest Chopped Salad

Found this salad on pinterest - perfect recipe, didn't change a thing other than the type of lettuce (iceberg makes me gag, not a clue why, so swapped it for chopped romaine.)  **Ok, actually upon second thought ... I guess... Continue Reading →

Filthy Gorgeous: The Bob Guccione Story

*warning - explicit content in this post* I watched this movie over two weeks ago (it seems I am becoming lazier and lazier in my blogging ways) - all of the wonderful, smart commentary I was planning on unleashing on... Continue Reading →

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