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Michael Collins

  Have I already read this book? Initial reaction when the title came up on the generator - which would be a first. But I checked my library - in the Irish Lit Section, next to the Sexuality in Ancient Rome... Continue Reading →


Wrap Around

I’ve got that “home” board on Pinterest that every other Pinterester has .. the one with pictures of your future kitchen stadium or the curb appeal for days or the bedroom with the see through fireplace or the 100+ different... Continue Reading →

Complete Prose

Walt Whitman and I go way back so I was excited when this book popped up on my reading list. At this point, if you are also a native Long Islander, you may be thinking I am going to write a lame comment... Continue Reading →

Here Comes The Sun

This title is not an ode to The Beatles, nor is it meant to symbolize the disappearance of their programming from my car presets as I realized the Billy Joel channel was not, in fact, replacing it. Not to worry, it merely fired up on... Continue Reading →

A Fresh Start

I just signed up for my 12th race which will mark the completion of 1/8 of my goals for 2017. Hard to believe I've ran in 12 different races over the past year as I think back to the middle... Continue Reading →

The Most Beautiful Rot – Ocean Capewell

Rating: 5/5 Stars Review: So, there are a number of reasons why I enjoy reading. Or, perhaps more accurately, why I enjoy reading so much that I feel like I must read every single one of the books that exist on... Continue Reading →

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